How Coronavirus Pandemic has boosted the delivery business worldwide

How Coronavirus Pandemic has boosted the delivery business worldwide

People of all over the world know about the COVID-19 pandemic which was started in 2019 of December from the Wuhan city of China. This virus infected approx. 3.12 million people over the globe. COVID-19 affects out the economy of the world. There are different sectors like goods, transport, airlines, hospitality, etc which face unaccepted loss. But some industries also earn benefits in this harsh situation like online stores, grocery stores, food delivery firm, etc.

Online delivery of grocery

The online delivery system of grocery is a type of business that gains more attraction in the last few months. China people fulfill their demands of daily food supplies by online groceries. French retailer Carrefour suggested that there is around 600% increment take place in the online vegetable delivery during the period of lunar New Year. Along with it, who is a Chinese online retailer witnessed 215% growth year by year to 15000 tons from the starting of Jan up to Feb.

The US also followed the same scenario of grocery delivery app as China; the downloading of a grocery app is witnessed in this case. As Google results, different grocery apps make records in downloading rapidly. Some apps name can be defined as Walmart grocery, Shipt, Instacart, etc. the downloading percentage of Shipt is 124%, Instacart is 218% and Walmart grocery is 160%.In one day, Walmart grocery has been downloaded on 54000 systems whereas Instacart has been downloaded on 3850 systems on 15th March.

Services of mail & delivery

Services of mail and delivery have also distressed out because of the pandemic of COVID-19. Although, delivery speed has been affected out the operations performed similarly. Carriers of service letters take all the orders from the grocery store and deliver mail from the region to every door.

UPS operate their services as per the same local regulations. Although FeDx announced that its services operate by properly sanitizing the types of equipment. USPS spokesperson stated that postal services are not facing any type of impact on operation because of the pandemic. Although, they can change their plans anytime if required. CDC stated that the chances of spreading coronavirus are less via the packages or products which are courier delivery to other localities. This is because of the virus survivability which is poor o the surfaces.

As per the officials, all union members like postal clerks, truck drivers, and the maintenance workers having constant touch with local members for ensuring about the cleaning facilities at several locations.

Delivery of food

It has been believed by the experts that third-party firms or restaurants boost their business and earning by providing food or one/two-time meals to hungry consumers. The productivity range of meal delivery services is boosted up because people want to stay at home & prefer food ordering instead of travel to the restaurants, such type of companies is DoorDash Inc., Uber & Grubhub Inc.

The business of food delivery gets a benefit because as there are most of the people working at home and they don’t want to go outside in a crowded place. So they prefer to order food. CEO of the Uber also suggested that the company named as UberEats could get a benefit as many people want to stay at home.

Delivery based on a contactless method

Most of the companies of food delivery are contactless methods of delivery across the globe. Different companies introduced the approach of zero contact to their deliveries, like Dominos, Just Eat, Glovo, Postmates, Zomato, McDonald’s, etc. there is a new option to avail of this service over the application which can be selected by the customers before placing out any order.

The food will keep in customers’ doorsteps by the delivery man through which infection spreading risk will reduce down. The delivery person waits until the order collection time.

Amazon looking forward to hires extra employees

Amazon in the US announced to hire extra 1000 employees to the company to meet out the online shopping demands in a pandemic of COVID-19. Amazon looking forward to hires full time or extra time employees for warehouse & to deliver things. They pay $2 per hour to the employees in the US. Product shortage hit Amazon very badly and because of this reason, the delivery of products gets delay. People mainly depend on online retailers because they don’t want to go outside due to coronavirus.

Amazon announced that their common brands or products get out of stock whereas delivery of some items getting delayed and creates a problem. In some cases, an option of the same day or two-day delivery is not available for the prime customers due to which they also face a problem of delaying. Amazon sees that the demands of online shopping get increase day-by-day because shoppers want to stock up on different services such as Prime Now or Amazon Fresh grocery. Due to product shortage, customers did not get deliveries on time and this problem distracts them in the existing condition.

The company provides an extra level of precautions to the employees or workers by enhancing the cleaning frequency over the sites. The employees at Amazon sanitize and wash their hands & vehicles regularly. At the end of the march, Amazon told its workers to do work from home. These orders are the same for the higher directives at different sites. Amazon gives reliability to the attendance policy only for the workers of the warehouse through which unlimited off in March month.

Wrap up

The rate of spreading COVID-19 is increasing day by day worldwide. This pandemic affects out different businesses in the world in an unpredictable manner. But some industries find out the way to sustain in this harsh condition. Apart from it, the business of delivery of different things is a witness of delivering high order items to the houses.




CEO of Mtoag Technologies, mobile app development company delivering user-engaging mobile applications for multiple industry verticals.

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Yogesh Pant

Yogesh Pant

CEO of Mtoag Technologies, mobile app development company delivering user-engaging mobile applications for multiple industry verticals.

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